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Jim and the SC3 Adventure at Piston and Chain Motorcycle...

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2014-07-14 17:49:37

  1. Piston and Chain Motorcycle Club Piston and Chain Motorcycle Club Interior

    Stopped by Piston & Chain Motorcycle Club in San Francisco recently. Great space. 

    Jim Carducci Presents the SC3 Adventure Dual Sport
    Thursday, August 7th 2014, 6:30pm

    Piston & Chain, 1285 Folsom St. at 9th St, San Francisco, CA

    more details, at this link


    RSVP to erica@pistonandchain if you think you’ll be hungry for some pizza and a beer ($5 for both) at P&C that night

and, here is a map link for Piston & Chain

Inside the Piston & Chain Motorcycle Club