Extend the thrill of the ride to off-road terrain and explore the world!

Sustainable Design


Our SC3 Adventure patented designs reinvented the 2003 H-D® Sportster® motorcycle by transforming the H-D® Sportster® into true on/off road dual sport motorcycles. 

Designed by Feel & Experience

  With 40+ years of motorcycling experience riding, racing, customizing and over 30 years of design engineering experience, I developed the architecture and geometry of the SC3 Adventure dual sport motorcycle until it met the requirements for function, feel, then and only then: aesthetics. No compromises.

Closed Loop Precision Engineering

  The bike was hand built and tested both on and off road. Components were precision designed with 3D CAD, stress FEA analyzed as required, and CNC machined. As needed, designs were iterated until they met the requirements of fit, function, feel, and aesthetics. No compromises. 


SC3 Adventure Basic Specifications

Motor & Frame

2003 Sportster® motor and frame (w/ minor modifications to frame)


62.5 inch

Steering Rake / Trail

27 degrees / 4.6 inch

Triple Clamp Offset

0.71 inch (18mm)

Suspension Travel

+8 inch Rear, +9 inch Front

Seat Height

34 inch (neutral), ~32 inch with rider on bike


465 lbs (without gasoline)


Features of the SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle

V-Twin Motor
The Sportster® motor is proven reliable, air cooled, narrow and loaded with torque. Upgraded with 1250cc NRHS kit and Andrews N4 cams. Re-jetted carburetor with SE K&N high-flow air filter



Hand formed aluminum 6.3 gallon gas tank provides 200+ miles range before hitting reserve. Option for smaller 2.75 gallon aluminum gas tank. The 6.3 gallon tank was hand formed by Evan Wilcox and painted by Old School Customs



Front: Ohlins 48mm USD forks mounted in strong triple clamps. 
Integrated Scotts steering damper
Rear: Ohlins twin shocks on extended billet aluminum swingarm. 
Offroad enabling swingarm pivot gussets added to the stock frame

Wheels   OFFROAD: 140/80-18 rear, 90/90-21 front
'STREET':   150/70-17 rear, 110/80-19 front
Excel rims and heavy gauge spokes, 
Rad front hub, Billet Boys rear hub
Brakes   FRONT: Beringer 6 piston radial caliper and master cylinder lever, 380mm CDS custom rotor
REAR:   Beringer 4 piston axial caliper, master cylinder, and 291mm rotor, 
CDS billet aluminum brake lever. Melvin brake lines 

Riding Position


Foot controls and handlebars are positioned for comfortable dual sport off-road riding standing position.
Adjustable handlebar risers are vibration damped.
Custom Corbin seat is narrow in the front, wide in the back, good for standing and longer distance seated riding.  
Pivot Pegz.

  Long wheelbase and generous rake and trail make the SC3 Adventure stable at speed and it does well in loose sandy conditions


Front headlight assembly : 2 Baja Designs Squadron Pro 9800 Lumen Lights with Skene high beam dimmer switch. LED brake light and blinkers made to handle the vibrations of off-road riding



2-into-1 SST hand built custom header by BTRmoto. Leo Vince SST muffler with spark arrestor



Stock Sportster® frame with minor modifications.  Powder coated frame and rear fender.

  Stock Sportster® throttle, speedometer, and wire harness
Rear Rack & Fender   Structurally strong for strapping down a tool kit, 2x 1/2 gal fluid cannisters on the sides, and more

Skid Plate &
Hand Guards
  Protects the leading edge and underside of the motor from flying debris and from rolling over large objects like rocks, stumps, et cetera.
Cycra Probend hand guards
Crash Bar
  Steel welded construction crash bar mounts to the frame and protects the leading edge of the gas tank

Kick Stand
  Strong Chromemoly steel tubing with a large foot area for soft off-road surfaces. Adapts to the stock H-D kickstand mount
Fly Screen
  The fly screen frame is made of structurally strong sheet aluminum and supports a tinted polycarbonate wind deflector that reduces wind on the body


The SC3 Adventure Retains These Original Sportster® Parts
   - stock frame, with minor mods
   - motor (modified to a 1250 cc) and carburetor
   - instruments
   - oil tank
   - battery tray
   - wire harness
   - throttle and handlebar switches

 - bearings and pivot bolt for swingarm