About Carducci Dual Sport Motorcycles


Carducci Dual Sport is an adventure dual sport motorcycle design and prototyping company focused on functional performance balanced with aesthetics and style.

At Carducci Dual Sport, for each new motorcycle design, we:

- Build one fully functional prototype, designed for production.

- Perfect the prototype motorcycle through real world on and off road testing and design iteration.

- Document the motorcycle via CAD models and detail drawings, and a BOM.

- Reproduce the motorcycle to-spec via a controlled build.


Our Team

I am a mechanical systems design engineer and senior engineering director in the semiconductor industry with over 34 years of design engineering experience. My co-founder wife has an electrical engineering control systems, SW and operations background. We create and provide innovative and technical solutions.

Our professional experience coupled with over 40 years of motorcycling experience and passion for riding, racing, customizing, building, and traveling via motorcycle, have led us to develop adventure dual sport motorcycles.

Professionally Designed and Manufactured in the Heart of Silicon Valley

All components are designed using CAD software for precision and analyzed as required with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software for structural integrity and reliability. Then, the best part:  tested on real world dual sport rides.

I hope you enjoy the motorcycle and your travels as much as I do.

Jim Carducci

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