SC3 Adventure

SC3 Adventure Built for Production

I built one SC3 Adventure dual sport motorcycle for myself which I love riding and that motorcycle has become the SC3 Gera Baja and was in the hands of Pro Ironman Racer Tony Gera.  I initially created one SC3 Adventure for someone else to enjoy: the motorcycle shown above as a complete ground-up hand build, starting with a 2003 H-D 883R. The SC3 Adventure above has also been turned into an SC3 Gera Baja dual sport. 

The 1-off build-to-print, handcrafted and hand-assembled bike is comprised 48% with parts that I design engineered and had fabricated from premium materials. 46% of the bike is top of the line curated aftermarket components. I intentionally kept 6% of the SC3 Adventure as the original H-D components which are easily serviced anywhere in the world. The original parts percentage has dropped even more to become the SC3 Gera Baja Dual Sport Motorcycle.

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